Daily Schedule

Since our Sisters in formation spend the day at their mission site, each horarium may vary. The following is a sample schedule of a young woman in formation with the Daughters: 

5:15 Rise

6:00 Morning Offering, Office of Readings

7:00 Holy Mass

7:30 Lauds and Thanksgiving after Mass

8:00 Meditation

8:30 Depart for the Apostolate

9:00 Break Silence with the singing of the Sub Tuum Praesidium, Breakfast

[Our collective work-day begins at 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm]

9:30 Study Period

10:00 Study Period 2

11:00 Work Shift

12:00 Noon Prayers

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Resume Work

2:00 Exercise Time

3:00 Midday Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) and Chaplet (M-W: Divine Mercy; Th-F: Adoration and Reparation)

3:30 Convent Work Projects

4:15 Fine Arts

5:00 Depart for Convent

5:30 Vespers in Community and Holy Rosary in Convent Chapel

6:15 Dinner with table reading, and clean-up

7:00 Recreation

7:45 Spiritual Reading

8:00 Compline (Night Prayer), followed by Grand Silence

10:00 Lights Out

“Goodnight, my Beloved, I rejoice at being one day closer to eternity, and if you let me wake up tomorrow, Jesus, I will begin a new hymn to Your praise!” Saint Faustina Kowalska